Partisan politics have left many of us feeling exhausted. Our political system makes us think of issues as “left” or “right.” In reality, the majority of us have viewpoints that politically align more in the middle. Like many, I became frustrated watching both local and national political party games take precedence over what was best for the majority. My goal is to be a voice for our community as a whole. In fact, it’s the reason why I decided to run. 

My name is Jaime Erskine-Pettit. I’m a mom. I’m the wife of a veteran. I’m the granddaughter of an immigrant. I’m a parent to foster children. I’m a grieving mother. I’m a sister who shared in the difficulties of being raised by a struggling, single mom. I work in the medical field, and I work hard every day. I run a non-profit with my sister, and I recently buried my father who died from ALS. I’m not a politician per se; rather, I’m an unafraid woman who wants to see change and wants to help the community that I have been a part of since I can remember to grow and flourish. I want to encourage an environment in which we cheer each other on and carry each other when needed.

My Commitment

Build a Stronger Community Starting with Our Youth

I will be a proponent for some of our youngest community members by advocating for proper funding and legislative support for Monroe County’s Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education Services. 

Invest in a Green Monroe County

I will work with Monroe County in developing a Climate Action Plan and coordinating a Climate Smart Community’s pledge.  I will ensure the county is making smart choices that help advance solutions and lessen the impacts of climate change for future generations.  

Promote Mental Health Resources

I will ensure that mental health services have the necessary funding and resources to respond to the needs of our community. I support the Monroe County Forensic Intervention Team (FIT) and will work to ensure that Greece, Ogden, and Sweden benefit from FIT. I support IMPACT (Improving Addiction Coordination Team) which engages individuals with Substance Use Disorder and their families in an effort to educate, motivate, and support individuals as they navigate the Behavioral Healthcare System. I will support Monroe County Veterans Services Agency which is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to veterans and their families while they reintegrate into civilian life and their communities.

Create a Welcoming Community for All Citizens

I am determined to make Monroe County a welcoming community for current and future citizens. I can do that by supporting the County’s Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This agency coordinates various workforce and procurement initiatives aimed at eliminating discrmination and bias. I want a community that is safe and  where community members receive equitable treatment by our local government. This is a key step in keeping students and young people here. 

Remain Transparent & Representative

I will prioritize initiatives that stabilize government finances and improve quality of life for residents of Monroe County. In order for an elected official to serve her constituents honestly, it is imperative to be fully transparent and actively listen to the needs and objectives of community members.To protect taxpayers, government officials must present the budget in a clear and responsive manner.