About Monroe County Legislature

It’s important to understand how local government functions and the types of decisions that are made at the county level. Erskine-Pettit believes that having an understanding of Monroe County Legislature will better inform how you vote when you elect the legislative representative for your district. 

Monroe County Legislators are responsible for developing the laws and policies that affect the lives of over 745,000 residents, including over 230,000 in the City of Rochester. Most legislators also work in the private sector or own a small business. They bring a unique perspective that represents his/her profession, history, and geographic area. 

For information regarding meeting dates and times and to gain an understanding of the Monroe County legislative process, please visit MonroeCounty.gov. 

Facts about the Monroe County Legislature:

Operating budget of 2021: $1,238,021,795

credit: monroecounty.gov
credit: monroecounty.gov

There are many departments within the county legislature that affect our day-to-day lives. If you have ever called 911, used the Rochester airport, visited the zoo, known a veteran receiving services, and/or applied for passports, pistol permits, sporting licenses or motor vehicle-related transactions, then you have utilized services under the Monroe County Legislature.