Jaime and I have worked together in the medical setting for many years. Jaime always gives top notch-care to her patients and ensures that every patient is treated equally. As parents to Spencerport students, we frequently cross paths at band concerts, science fairs, and sporting events, and Jaime is supportive, hands on, and helpful to anyone she meets. My family and I have attended many of the events run by Dreams from Drake, the nonprofit she co-founded in memory of her late son. She works tirelessly at everything she does. 

My family and I are looking for a politician that’s about family and equality. We are looking for someone who may not physically look like us but has the same outlook on life and certain situations happening in our community. 

We support Jaime because she’s honest and willing to be a voice for others. She’s strong, caring, and determined. She wears many hats and titles, and she’s perfect for the job. 

Arrika Brinson
Senior Residence Manager 
Spencerport Mom of Two 

Selfless and concerned about others – that’s how we would describe Jaime. We’ve known Jaime for over ten years and we’ve never seen her put herself before others. Jaime is someone you can rely on to fix things, either by getting in the trenches and doing it herself or by seeking out the resources to get it done. If the playing field is ever uneven and Jaime is anywhere in the vicinity, you can bet she is going to do everything in her power to make sure everyone gets a fair shake at things, no matter who is involved. If you’re looking for someone for the Monroe County Legislature who will shake things up, will get the job done, and will stand by their word,  we highly recommend Jaime Pettit for the job. No one will do it better.

Chris and Rachel McDonald 
Leadership Development Coach and Registered Nurse